H. Söderberg

About the Artist

"I am self-taught (apart from three weeks at Konstindustri -74 - now HDK Valand University of Art and Design - and a course in sketching at Gustav Primus painting school -72.)

After a few years as a designer, illustrator and art director, I got myself a studio in Klippan's industrial area in Gothenburg in -94.

In -96 I moved out to Hönö, an island in the northern archipelago outside Gothenburg. Since then I have my studio in Hönö Klåva, as a combination of studio and gallery.

Here I have 2-3 vernissages/exhibitions per year, including participation in Konstvågen, the Öckerö islands' annual art fair.

From spring to autumn I am open for visitors in the studio. If I need a break from work, I lock the door. Therefore, the opening hours may vary slightly. Opening hours and any changes are announced on the website.

I mainly work abstractly with acrylic on aluminum sheet. I start building the foundation for the painting in different layers with trowels and palette knives. With rags, I rub out underlying fields, apply thin layers with moddelers and in this way build up different layers to create depth and dynamics in the painting. Then I reinforce and highlight selected parts with finer brushes.

In addition to painting, there have also been some sculptures and designs such as the furniture-sculpture NOOKIE. On the "drawing board" are more sculptures waiting to be realised."

Hans Söderberg

Hans Söderberg


Galleri Kim Anstensen, Göteborg

Galleri Nordenskiöld, Göteborg

Gothia Gallery, Göteborg

Nordic Art Fair, Köpenhamn

Lilla Galleriet, Göteborg

Affordable Art, Stockholm

Galleri Rosenbecks, Höganäs

Gallery Art Events, Mölndal

Galleri Media Sveriges Radio, Göteborg

Galleri Gårdskulla, Kungsbacka

Astra Zeneca, Mölndal

Apotekarns, Simrishamn

Peters Dandy, Göteborg

Öckerö Bibliotek, Öckerö

Galleri NOOK, Hönö

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